Digital Air Pressure Gauge

Rs. 750

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  • Instantly measure the Tyre pressure with digital gauge.
  • Increase fuel efficiency and extend the life of tires,  thus ensure a safe, comfortable Journey.
  • Easy use with the lighted nozzle and display.

Warranty 12 Months


Product Description

Built Quality
Tyre gauge is built with a combination of Plastic and Rubber material making an anti-slip surface for a better grip and to last longer.

Convenient Usage
Ergonomic design fits the hand perfectly. Lighted display and the nozzle makes it easier to measure the Tyre pressure anytime during the day.

Power Saving
Device is programmed to automatically power off after 30 seconds to save the batteries.

How to Use

  1. Press the Power button. Continuously click the button to change the measuring unit.
  2. Once selected the suitable unit, place the nozzle of the gauge over the tire valve. Press firmly to ensure good seal and prevention of air.
  3. Hold gauge on the valve until the reading on the display is still.
  4. Remove the gauge quickly from the valve and read the pressure.
  5. To retake the reading simply place the nozzle over the tire valve again and repeat.
  6. Gauge will automatically shut off after 30 seconds after using. To manually turn off, hold the Power button.


Package Contents

  • Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (Batteries Included)

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